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Once-Upon-A-Slime Children's Picture Book Series

Fun and educational children's picture books about slugs, bugs and mini-beasts that are packed full of slime and giggles.


Perfect for children who love the outdoors,  grubs and reading aged 3-6.

Welcome to the Once-Upon-A-Slime Children's Picture Book Series

A slimy hello from the award winning children's picture book series that are packed full of bugs, slimy slugs, spiders and small peoples laughter.

The children's picture book series are about a little boy called Max and everyday small creatures children see in their own back gardens, yards or on the street. Slugs, woodlice, spiders, mini-beasts and ants all become less scary as small people learn and laugh about these outdoor creatures.

Did you know that Woodlice have square poo? And that ants don't have ears?! No, neither did we until we read these stories!

The entertaining, friendly and disgusting characters increase the interaction and attention span of the child; encouraging a child to enjoy reading and learning about small insects.

Are you the literacy lead looking for inspiration and to book a school visit from an author who specialises in KS1 classes? Fiona can inspire a full assembly reading one of her slimy stories and anwering (quite honestly!) pupils questions.

Fiona supplies creative writing sheets alongside prompt cards that inspire pupils to invent their own bug character profile, write a story, design the front cover of their book and then finally present their story to the class, where the rest of the class to decide if the book should be edited or published.

The once upon a slime book series
Once Upon A Slime book - about two woodlce

Meet Fiona Woodhead.

The author, the illustrator and self-publisher.

So, how on earth do you get around to writing a book about slugs and bugs?

"The slimy children picture book series concept originated from my Dad: Howard, a slightly eccentric father of four from the Lake District in Cumbria, whose favourite bedtime stories to his children were made up adventures about three yucky slugs.

So I decided for a unique Christmas present for my Dad to write and illustrate a funny story about these three slimy slugs: Slitter, Slatter and Slutter.

Both my Dad and I thought the story actually had a bit of merit and could be made into a series about mini-beasts. After various rounds of editing I decided just to 'go for it' (my fathers motto) and self-publish the books. By luck and a little bit of preservation I have now sold over 10,000 books and the books are now in many bookshops and also stocked by Gardners the UK's largest book wholesaler.

I then set up: Fi & Books; a business to make self-publishing easier and to help other aspiring authors bring their book ideas to life. The Become-An-Author Package includes everything you need: editing, bespoke illustrations, publishing paperwork and your first print run... so you can press GO on your own self-publishing journey!"

Reluctant reader? They love these stories! Buy the books online...


Once-Upon-A-Slime, a garden tale about Max and... two woodlice


ISBN code: 9781909515024

Once-Upon-A-Slime, a garden tale about Max and... two woodlice


ISBN code: 9781909515048

Once-Upon-A-Slime, a garden tale about Max and... two woodlice


ISBN code: 9781909515017

Once-Upon-A-Slime, a garden tale about Max and... two woodlice


ISBN code: 9781909515017

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