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Different endings to the Totally Amazing Spider Tales book....

Have you just read the Totally Amazing Spider Tales book?

Poor Artie turned TOXIC!

Which ending from below would you have preferred?


Toxic Max!

Artie looks at Max with his evil green eyes and pounces!

He sinks his fangs into Maxs' neck as Max cried out: "arghhh!"

Max has turned TOXIC.

Off they go to find their mum...


Spider Army!

Oh no! Max has missed Spindler with the water hose spray!

Spindler quickly bites Max on his neck and looks around for his next pray.

One, by one, he turns all the little creatures in the garden into his TOXIC army!


Happy Ending.

Max has saved Spindler - hurrah!

Max peers into the gloom of the shed and there sitting on the floor looking dazed, is his little brother Artie.

Max puts his arm around Artie and helps him outside for a game of football!

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