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Book your schools Key Stage 1 school author visit with Fiona Woodhead.

What could inspire an assembly full of primary school children more than an author reading about slime, goo and mini-beasts?!

What a school author visit usually entails:

Mini-beasts are part of the curriculum within Key Stage One classes.

After an assembly (that can get rather loud!) Fiona supplies creative writing sheets alongside prompt cards that inspire pupils to invent their own bug character profile, write a story, design the front cover of their book and then finally present their story to the class, where the rest of the class and Fiona decide if the book should be edited or published.

These lessons are best for Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 pupils.

Author visit itinerary

Fionas author visit to Primary Schools:

Fiona's author visit creates a fun writing environment and inspires both boys and girls to think of stories other than fairies, sleepovers and monsters!

The fee for booking Fiona for your school author visit.

It is FREE! Yep free.


This is not because she is the nicest ever person in the world, but because instead of asking for a 'fee', she asks for you to send a newsletter out to the parents with a 'pre-order' form to buy the book.


Ideally 30% of the pupils of the classes will pre-order the book, they can choose from any of the four books. After the creative writing literacy class, she will then sign the books for the children who have pre-ordered the books.


It really is up to the school to try and send out texts and letters to try and encourage the parents to buy the books.

Fiona has all the word documents and forms for the parents to fill in, to make her author visit run as smoothly as possible.

Enquire about a school author visit

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