Once-Upon-A-Slime, a garden tale about Max and... three slugs.


Children will laugh and learn with this funny story about three slugs woodlice and a little boy called Max during a garden adventure.


Slugs are slithery and slimy... and they love damp weather! But what do you really know about these slimly creatures? This story teaches young children to be a lover not a hater of bugs and garden. Children will squeal out loud with this entertaining, fun and informative book that encompasses the subject of mini-beasts covered at primary school.


− Children laugh and learn about everyday bugs and mini-beasts

− The funny story engages reluctant readers

− Encourages children to go outdoor exploring and partake in outside activities

− Unusual and contemporary graphic illustrations


If you would like the book signing please just let Fiona know the name of your child and she will personally sign the book.


This children's picture book is perfect for reluctant readers and for boys and girls aged between 4 and 8. With easy to read wording, fun illustrations and a ladybird to spot throughout the book, this will make bedtime reading lots of fun.


ISBN code: 978-1-909515-01-7

Once-Upon-A-Slime, a garden tale about Max and... three slugs