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fun and educational children's picture books about slug, bugs and mini-beasts that are packed full of slime and giggles

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adam-ant Slutter the Slug slithering by! Slatter the Slug peeking out Crafty Creature Hello, I am Spindler the Spider

A slimy hello from the award winning children's picture book series that are packed full of bugs, slimy slugs, spiders and small peoples laughter.

Fiona Woodhead is a self-published children's picture book author and illustrator. The first book in the series was self-published in November 2012.


The picture books are ideal for children aged 3 - 7 and key stage 1 pupils. The stories aim to make small people laugh and learn at the funny and slimy stories about slimy slugs, bugs, spiders, woodlice, ants and mini-beasts.


Fiona originally wrote the slimy slug book for her dad who used to tell her and her siblings stories about three slugs, Slitter, Slatter and Slutter. Both Fiona and her Dad, Howard Bouch hope that these stories entertain your children as much as they did when she was little.

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