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fun and educational children's picture books about slug, bugs and mini-beasts that are packed full of slime and giggles

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The slimy children picture book series concept originated from Howard a slightly eccentric father of four from the Lake District in Cumbria, whose favourite bedtime stories to his children were always about yucky slugs and bugs.


His daughter Fiona (a graphic designer and illustrator) decided for a unique Christmas present to write and illustrate a funny story about the three slimy slugs. Slitter, Slatter and Slutter.


After various rounds of editing Fiona decided just to 'go for it' (her fathers motto) and self-published the books herself. By luck and a little bit of preservation her books are now in many bookshops and also stocked by Gardners the UK's largest book wholesaler.

A dad with three of his kids Grandad walking with Max

The children's picture books are about a little boy called Max and everyday small creatures children see in their own back gardens, yards or on the street. Slugs, woodlice, spiders, mini-beasts and ants all become less scary as small people learn and laugh about these outdoor creatures.


The entertaining, friendly and disgusting characters increase the interaction and attention span of the child; encouraging a child to enjoy reading and learning about small insects.

So, how on earth do you get around to writing a book about slugs and bugs?